Ultimate Achievers Alliance accountabiity

Become even more Healthy, Wealthy, Wise


I am so excited to see you advance in your journey of goal achievement. Your decision to upgrade from our Foundations course to the Accountability Level in the Ultimate Achievers System shows your willingness and determination to help not only yourself, but to keep your partner accountable as well. As you delve deeper into the Ultimate Achievers System, remember, every step you take is a step towards mastering your destiny.

Spaces are limited to 5 partner groups!

In addition to the benefits of the Foundations Level, you will receive…

  • A more in-depth, personalized approach, and focus on each component of the Ultimate Achievers System during live sessions twice a month
  • Guidance on how to PIVOT/adjust daily activities during GPS (Goal Progression Sessions) between you and your accountability partner

ALL for just $250.00 a month**

**(payment is not split, and arrangements should be made

between you and your accountability partner for reimbursement)

Alliance Sessions will be facilitated by Alisa Cooper.

If you miss any of the group trainings, you will have access to all of the trainings & Facebook Group for a limited time following the end of the quarter.

Click here to register.

Can’t wait to see what the Accountability Level can do for you!

*Commitment of One Quarter (90 Days)

*Commitment of One Quarter (90 Days)