Ultimate Achievers Alliance frequently asked questions

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What is the Ultimate Achievers System in a nutshell?

The Ultimate Achievers System, as outlined in our book "The Greatest Reward", is a comprehensive framework designed to help individuals reverse engineer any goal and achieve remarkable success in various aspects of their lives. Participants engaging with the Ultimate Achievers System will gain invaluable skills in goal setting, time management, habit formation, and personal growth, all of which are crucial for achieving success in various dimensions of life. The system's holistic approach ensures that participants are not just working towards their goals but also improving their overall quality of life.

What do Alliance Members Learn?

Here is a brief overview of some of the things that you will learn from this system:

Reverse Engineering Goals: The Ultimate Achievement System teaches members how to effectively reverse engineer their goals.

Calendar Blocking and Time Management: Members learn the art of calendar blocking, a time management technique that involves assigning specific blocks of time for certain activities, ensuring that every aspect of their lives receives the attention it deserves.

Developing and Sustaining Habits: Members learn how to integrate sustainable habits that contribute to the achievement of set goals into their daily routine, making goal achievement an almost automatic process.

Focus on Roles and Goals: The system emphasizes understanding and aligning one's roles (personal, professional, familial, etc.) with their goals, leading to a more fulfilled and balanced life.

Regular Review and Adjustment: Regular reviews are a key component of The Ultimate Achievement System. Clients are taught to assess their progress regularly, make necessary adjustments, and celebrate small wins along the way.

Emphasis on Personal Growth and Continuous Learning: Members learn to view challenges as opportunities for growth and are equipped with the tools to continually evolve and improve.

Community and Support: The Ultimate Achievers System fosters a community of like-minded individuals, providing an environment of support, encouragement, and shared learning.

Are all of the Course Materials Provided?

Yes! All of the worksheets and informational materials are provided as part of your monthly membership fee, inside of the private Facebook community. It is highly recommended that you have a notebook dedicated solely to the 90 Day session, as you will be writing down notes, thoughts and answers to reflective questions. You will also need to have access to Zoom.

do you have testimonials from other alliance members?

Yes! we have gotten some great feedback from some of our former alliance members. some have even returned for several more 90 day sessions with new goals and new obstacles to overcome. if you would like to read what they have said, click here to be taken to our testimonials page! you can find alot more in my book, “the greatest reWARD”.

can you tell me more about the ultimate achievers retreats?

Yes! Our Quarterly retreats encompass work, learning, and play. Our Alliance group gets together in person once a quarter, and we review our previous 90 days, and commit to new goals based on what worked and our failing forward moments from the previous goals. It is very beneficial to be in the company of other Ultimate Achievers who "get" you, and desire for you to succeed as well as themselves. We also leave plenty of time for enjoying some activities and the landscape of wherever we are for retreat. We have been to most of the Caribbean (East, South, and West), some parts of Europe, Belize, Costa Rica, Mexico, Puerto Rico, and most major cities in the U.S. So, to sum it up, we review the quarter, celebrate wins, learn from failing forward moments, then set up the next 90 days with daily activities to ensure the goals that are set are achieved. As the end of the Quarter approaches you will receive more information about the next event.

How can i get a copy of your book, “THE greatest reward”?

you can grab a hardback or paperback copy here. or, if you prefer the kindle version, you can buy it here.

How do I Join the Ultimate Achievers Alliance?

if this will be your first time as part of the ultimate achievers alliance, you will start at the foundations level masterclass. this will give you a basic understanding of the processes and strategies that are used within the system. once you are a part of the alliance, there will be opportunities for deeper, in depth training. click the yellow button below to see all of the benefits of the foundations level, AS WELL AS THE LINK TO JOIN!