Ultimate Achievers Alliance foundations

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I am so glad that you are ready to get organized and crush your goals! This will give you a better idea and understanding about the methods and strategies that the Ultimate Achievers System teaches you.

In the Foundations Level, you will have access to…

  • Helpful tips on how to reverse engineer daily activities that move you into turning every goal into an achievement

    • Reverse engineer daily activities that move you into turning every goal into an achievement
    • Live life by your compass, not your clock
    • Develop your own Personal Vision Statement that will help you stay on track
    • Celebrate WINs and how to learn from the Failing Forward moments that go along with them
    • Understand what Roles you play are most important to you
    • Set goals that will help you stay true to who YOU are
    • How to PIVOT/adjust daily activities
    • Discover what your Core Values are, and what drives you

  • Helpful, supportive community of like-minded individuals with a vast variety of life experiences
  • Access to guides, tip sheets, and activities to assist you in achieving your goals
  • A dedicated 90 Day (Quarter) Cycle with bi-weekly trainings
  • Weekly (Sunday) Check-in Threads in our Facebook Group to keep accountability, if you choose to utilize them

Alliance Sessions will be facilitated by Alisa Cooper.

If you miss any of the group trainings, you will have access to all of the trainings & Facebook Group for a limited time following the end of the quarter.


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*Commitment of One Quarter (90 Days)

*Commitment of One Quarter (90 Days)