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I am so glad that you are ready to get organized and crush your goals! This will give you a better idea and understanding about the methods and strategies that the Ultimate Achievers System teaches you.

In the Foundations Level, you will have access to…

  • Helpful tips on how to reverse engineer daily activities that move you into turning every goal into an achievement

    • Reverse engineer daily activities that move you into turning every goal into an achievement
    • Live life by your compass, not your clock
    • Develop your own Personal Vision Statement that will help you stay on track
    • Celebrate WINs and how to learn from the Failing Forward moments that go along with them
    • Understand what Roles you play are most important to you
    • Set goals that will help you stay true to who YOU are
    • How to PIVOT/adjust daily activities
    • Discover what your Core Values are, and what drives you

  • Helpful, supportive community of like-minded individuals with a vast variety of life experiences
  • Access to guides, tip sheets, and activities to assist you in achieving your goals
  • A dedicated 90 Day (Quarter) Cycle with bi-weekly Virtual OR Recorded sessions
  • Weekly (Sunday) Check-in Threads in our Facebook Group to keep accountability

Alliance Sessions will be facilitated by Alisa Cooper.

You will get a schedule of session dates and times.

If you cannot make the bi-weekly virtual sessions, you will have access to all of the recorded sessions & Facebook Group for a limited time following the end of the quarter.



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I look forward to helping you achieve your goals!

*Commitment of One Quarter (90 Days)

*Commitment of One Quarter (90 Days)