Ultimate Achievers Alliance vip

Become even more Healthy, Wealthy, Wise

Your decision to elevate from the Next Level to this exclusive realm of one-on-one mentorship reflects a remarkable dedication to your personal and professional growth. As a VIP member, you will experience the transformational power of tailor-made mentorship. This journey is not just about reaching goals; it's about redefining them, with personalized strategies and insights crafted just for you.

Spaces are limited to 5!

In addition to all the training in the Foundations

Level, you will receive…

  • Individual 60 minute One-on-one weekly sessions throughout the 90 Day Course via Zoom
  • A Special Invitation to a VIP ONLY Dinner during the Quarter End Ultimate Achievers Retreat
  • An Exclusive 1-hour Private Mentoring Session with an expert in the field of your choice during the Ultimate Achievers Retreat

ALL for just $497.00.00 a month

  • BONUS: All participants in the VIP Level will get a copy of Alisa’s book, “The Greatest Reward: Discovering Your Life's Treasure Map To Live Even More Healthy, Wealthy & Wise”

Alliance Sessions will be facilitated by Alisa Cooper.

Alisa will send you more information on how to schedule your

One-on-One sessions.

If you miss any of the group trainings, you will have access to all of the trainings & Facebook Group for a limited time following the end of the quarter.

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I am looking forward

to working one on one

with you!

*Commitment of One Quarter (90 Days)

*Commitment of One Quarter (90 Days)